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May 2010



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May. 3rd, 2010

Gaining Cheerleaders (Part One)

Amanda smoothed her hands over her flat stomach and fastened her skinny jeans as she got ready to spend the day with her best friend, Chloe. The two hadn’t seen each other since Chloe had been in Europe for a month living with her aunt, so Amanda was excited. She was nervous, though, cause she had put on about five pounds since her friend had been gone. She didn’t look much different, her pants just a little more snug. Her stomach was still flat, and the cheerleader looked as in shape as ever. The short blonde drove eagerly to her friend’s house. As she rang the doorbell, she saw through the window something she did not expect. Her fellow cheerleader, once svelte and thinner than she, now had a decent belly. Still thin, but getting close to being chubby. As Chloe opened the door, Amanda got a better look at her growing friend. The 5’6” girl no longer possessed her model body, but a slightly softer variation. The weight seemed distributed solely on her midsection, though her tight purple top and jeans showed it had scattered a bit everywhere. The button on her size four jeans look strained by her widening hips. She seemed unaware, however, because her confidence was as high as ever. Amanda no longer felt self conscious about her small gain. The girls hugged and reunited excitedly in the entry way, Chloe’s belly peeking under her shirt as she bounced with her friend. The two talked about what had happened in their time apart, and Chloe finally mentioned her weight.

“So, do you like the new belly?” she said, lifting her shirt. She was still on the thin side, but her soft, tan belly looked like the victim of overindulgence.

“Um…haha, sure. Enjoy Europe a little too much?” Amanda said, laughing nervously as she subconsciously touched her slightly larger love handles.

“A little bit,” She said, patting it contently. “You see, when I first got there, I gained weight almost instantly. There was so much food and my aunt is a magnificent chef. My cousins and I went out and drank almost every night the first two weeks, so by the end of the first week my pants were already feeling tighter. Then I made a decision. I was upset at first cause I’m a skinny cheerleader, but I really enjoy eating, and I kinda like being a little curvier. So I decided to stick with it! I’ve gained fifteen pounds and I love it!”

Amanda sat there in shock. “You actually like being fatter?”
“Well yeah! There’s no restrictions on what you can eat if you don’t mind gaining weight. It’s so freeing!  You should try it.”

Amanda laughed, “No way!”

Chloe smiled mischeviously, “How about you eat a ton with me today and see how you like it?”

Amanda’s stomach gurgled, almost to agree with Chloe’s proposition. Hesitantly, Amanda agreed. She surprised herself with her willingness and convinced herself one night of binging would be fine. Chloe giggled with excitement as she pulled Amanda into the kitchen. “I’ve been baking all day, and I made the world’s best brownies.” Chloe pulled from the pantry a plate of decadent brownies, drowning in icing and chocolate syrup. Amanda decided to go for it and have fun eating, so she grabbed one and sunk her teeth into the oversized dessert. “Oh wow…these are so good.” She said, grabbing the plate. The girls chatted over plates of caloric baked goods, unaware of their growing bellies.

“Oh girl,” Chloe said, “you just finished that whole plate of cookies.” Chloe laughed. Amanda looked down, horrified at herself. Her belly was bulging at this point, and her pants were strained. “Oh wow…I can’t believe it. I’m so fat!” she said, trying to pull her shirt over her distended stomach. Chloe snickered, “Oh please, look at me.” She stood up and spun around, showing her bouncy stomach with pride. As she went down to touch it, she realized her pants were undone. As she went to fasten them, her fingers found no button. “YES!” she cried, excitedly “I popped the button!” she bent over her rounded belly slowly to find the button and found it under the chair. Proudly, she rubbed her belly and grabbed a cookie in celebration. Amanda still sat in shock as her belly dug into her waist band. Months of exercising seemed to be going to waste, though she knew this wouldn’t cause immense weight gain. She convinced herself to keep eating and that she’d just work out later to make up for it. The girls popped cookie after cookie into their mouths, clothes tightening at an alarming rate. Before they knew it, it was ten at night.

“Let’s go out!” Chloe said, attempting to sit up from the couch.

Amanda scowled, “No way, I’m not showing anyone this horrifying side of me.”
“Do you have any idea how sexy a belly is to a guy? You will probably get laid tonight.”
Amanda stood up slowly and made her way to the bathroom. She ran her hands over her belly, and undid her jeans. Her belly seemed to free itself and stuck out even more. She stepped on the scale. 110. Phew, after all those cookies she just weighed three pounds more. The girl sighed with relief, and although she couldn't redo her button, she agreed to go out tonight. They searched the closet for something Chloe could even zip. Not a single pair of jeans would do up, so she went for a party dress. After seven or eight dresses that wouldn't zip once they met her midsection, they came upon a stretchier sequin dress that barely zipped and very much accentuated her new curves. Amanda wore one of the other dresses, from when Chloe was her size just a month ago. As she pulled it out, she saw Chloe's cheerleading uniform.
"What are you going to do once cheerleading starts again?" Amanda asked, pulling out the tiny uniform. "There's no way this will even go over your ass anymore." The uniform was made of a short skirt and a top that bore the entire stomach of the cheerleader, so having toned abs is very important for this squad. Chloe yanked it from her, "I'm sure I can get this on." She stripped of the sequin dress and pulled on the uniform. It did go over her butt, but getting it zipped took intense effort. It zipped right under her distended belly, and the top looked very strained over her growing boobs. She still didn't look awful, just very bloated, and her thighs more jiggly when she walked. "See!" she pulled it off and got into her dress again, ready to jiggle on the dancefloor. Amanda squeezed into the other dress, pulling at it uncomfortably and trying to suck in her belly. When she was sucking in, you couldn't see her gain. But as she let out a relieved breath, the cookie consequence was evident.
"I really don't want to go tonight..." Amanda said, sucking in again "I just feel fat and ugly." she patted her belly with a sigh as she let it out.
"Oh come ON, Amanda. You look good!"
"Girl I love eating, but I don't want to get fat. I'm a cheerleader! And so are you. You cant afford to be this big, much less gain anything else."
Chloe laughed, "I don't care about cheerleading. I want to gain weight!"
Amanda sucked in, reassured that she could see her ribs when she did so. But when she let out, her belly dug into her waist band of the unbuttoned pants once more. "'re such a good cheer captain. What is coach gonna think when she sees you like this..."
Chloe snickered "I don't look THAT different. I still look hot in the uniform, I might just have to get a new one. If I get bigger than this, then we'll talk."
The girls continued to snack as they fell asleep to the drone of the television.
The next morning, Chloe awoke, seeing her friend sleeping like a dog. Amanda was an extremely deep sleeper, so Chloe decided to see how much the cookies had affected her skinny friend. A thin layer of fat caressed her abs now, and Chloe poked it, laughing silently. She went into the kitchen and grabbed a few cookies. Her mom came downstairs.
"Oh goodness...Chloe...hahaha, you've been piggin' out a bit, haven't you?" She pinched the belly poking out from under her shirt.
"Mom. I've made a decision. I want to gain weight."
Chloe's mom raised her eyebrows (she was known for being laid back and understanding; a hippie at her peak) "Oh really? Why?"
"Cause I love to eat...but Amanda is too scared to gain. She doesn't want to ruin her figure, but I think she'd look great. Got any ideas how to fatten her up?"
Her mom paused, "Well...I know there's a little hippie shop down the street that sells some weird medicine. Maybe they have stuff to slow your metabolism and increase your appetite?" she tossed her a twenty dollar bill "And by yourself some food on the way." she winked at her daughter and headed to work. Chloe peeked in at Amanda, sleeping peacefully on the couch. She stayed in her sweatpants cause she knew nothing would fit, and headed to McDonald's. After scarfing down two big macs and two large fries, she washed it down with a large coke and laughed as two men across the restaurant stared in wonder. Patting her belly, she hopped in her car and made her way to the hippie shop her mom had mentioned. The bright colors drew her in as she saw a young lady manning the front desk. "Excuse me?"
"Hey, how can I help you?" her voice rang sweet as she came from behind the counter.
"Well, i know this sounds weird, but I need to find some weight gain powder or something. I'm gaining weight and my skinny friend wants to as well (she lied on the spot) but she has a fast metabolism. Anything you can give us?"
"Sure!" the girl said "That green bottle right there has everything you need.. And they look like diet pills, so give them to any girl you want to fatten up." she laughed. Chloe purchased them with excitement, then went and bought a bottle of dexatrim. She dumped them down the toilet and replaced them with the identical weight gain pills. She walked into her room to find Amanda doing sit ups. "Oh my gosh Chloe, look how fat I got!!" she lifted up her shirt and pinched the tiny layer, barely noticeable. "I can't believe you did this to me!!" 
"Amanda, don't worry. I knew you'd be mad, so I bought you some diet pills. It's dexatrim, and works really fast. No matter how much you eat, you won't gain a thing."
"Oh, Chloe, thank you!!!" she snatched the bottle out of her hand and dumped two grassy looking pills into her mouth, swallowing them with a swig of water. " Oh, I just feel so fat. My pants are so tight this morning, I had to lay down and suck in to button them,and I've never been able to pinch the fat on my stomach. I really can't eat like that anymore. Which is sad, cause I had a lot of fun eating last night. It all just tasted so good!"
"Well, come eat something, let the pills work their magic!" Amanda was hesitant, but she was hungry. She reached for an apple, but Chloe stopped her. "Now Amanda, you're on diet pills! You can eat absolutely anything you want! We have some cake in the fridge."
Chloe quickly grabbed a whole, dense chocolate cake out of the fridge and set it on the counter. She cut a huge piece for Amanda and herself, and the girls quickly indulged, piece after piece, followed by large glasses of milk. Their bellies were taut once more, and Amanda was forced to unbutton her pants half way through her third piece. She patted her belly.
"It's so nice to know these pills will keep me from gaining."
Chloe belched, jiggling her belly. Although not big yet, she was still bigger than Amanda and could definitely out-eat her.
Amanda sat up quickly "Oh my gosh. Cheer camp starts tomorrow. Will the pills have worked by then?"
Chloe scrambled for a lie "Uh, yeah, I mean, not totally, but it'll have helped. Don't worry, you can barely notice your gain."
"Yeah, maybe not mine. But you've gained a significant amount, Chloe."
"Don't worry, I'm sure other girls on the squad have gained too."
Amanda refused to eat for the rest of the day until she got home, greeted by a large bowl of pasta and breadsticks for dinner. Polishing off every last bit of her third plate, her mom chuckled,
"Wow, Amanda, it's good to see you with an appetite."
Amanda sheepishly pulled down her hoodie as she unbuttoned her pants. Her parents had yet to notice the gain, and Amanda still couldn't stop thinking about food.
When everyone went to bed, Amanda snuck downstairs and grabbed a carton of ice cream, taking it to her room and indulging in the sticky sweetness. She loved guilt free eating, but also kind of liked it when her stomach was full and round. She pushed the thoughts out of her mind and realized she was on the pills and the gain wouldn't be permanent cause she needed to cheerlead. As she polished off the last bit of ice cream, she fell asleep, caressing her belly. The next morning, Amanda woke up to her alarm, empty carton of ice cream still in hand. She tossed it aside and rolled out of bed. Her stomach immediately began to grumble. She reached into her purse and pulled out the diet pills, swallowing down two and made her way downstairs to eat. Polishing off several bowls of Reese's puffs, nothing seemed to satisfy her hunger. She searched in her cabinets until she found a new package of Swiss Cake rolls. Ecstatically, she tore it open and tossed herself on the couch to indulge. Halfway through the box, she heard banging on the door. She wiped her mouth and lazily made her way to the door. There stood Chloe, in a tight tank top and tiny shorts, looking beautiful but quite chubby. "Amanda! What are you doing in your PJs? Cheer camp starts today!!" Amanda had completely forgotten about cheer camp! "Oh my gosh, shit, I have to get ready!" Amanda rushed upstairs and grabbed a bag and stuffed it full of clothes and changed quickly into her cheer shorts and her tank. Both were tighter than usual but she didn't notice. She grabbed the box of Swiss cake roles and ran out to the car where Chloe had already started it. "Girl," Chloe said, mouth full of donut, "You almost made us so late."

"I know, I'm sorry...I overslept. I was up late eating...girl, you've got me started on a bad habit. I polished off a whole container of ice cream, and I'm almost done with this package of swiss cake roles. This has like two days calories in it! Thank God for those diet pills."
Chloe laughed, "Haha, yeah...I happen to love my gain." She gazed lovingly at her growing body, her belly peeking out under her tanktop and poking over her shorts. She still wasn't fat by any means, but she was verging on chubby. Amanda didn't notice how her shorts dug into her new flesh or how her tanktop hugged her love handles. She focused intently on the very last Swiss cake role, savoring every bite.

"Chloe, can I have one of those donuts?" Amanda asked sheepishly. Chloe laughed, "Girl, eat as many as you'd like! I'm gonna pig out after measurements." Amanda couldn't resist; she knew measurements were today but the donuts were tantalizing. She ate three, aching for more. All she could think about was food. She reached for another one as they pulled into the school, but set it down reluctantly. She'd eat it later. She hopped out of the car, her belly jiggling. "Haha, wow, I love how my belly jiggles when I move." Chloe said, bouncing. Her gut was pure fat but perfectly rounded in a smooth, cute way. The girls entered the school and rushed to the gym locker rooms. They were full of half-dressed girls getting ready for weigh ins and measurements. This was always a nervewracking time; this decided who would be flyer, also, who would get cut.

"Hi girls!" Ashley said, cheerfully. Ashley was your stereotypical cheerleader, just like Amanda, very pretty and slender. She had kept her figure over the summer. "How has your summer been?" 
Chloe smiled, "Great! Just got back from Europe. That's where I got this." She squeezed her belly and Ashley laughed. "Oh, well it looks like someone had a good time. I assume you're not going out for flyer then?" Amanda gasped, she would've been offended. Chloe just laughed, "Oh heck no, not at this weight! I'll be tossin the girls." Ashley smirked, "Wow, I never thought our captain would let herself go. How sad." Amanda was slowly losing concentration; all she could think about was food, food, food. But she knew she had to get her measurements done before she could leave for lunch. She anxiously waited for her name to be called. "Hi Amanda! It's great to see you." Coach Roberts said. "Let's start with a weigh-in." Amanda stripped down to her sports bra and underwear and stepped onto the scale "113 lbs. Looks like you've gained a little weight. That's fine, but remember, in order to be a flyer, you can't go over 115 and we'd prefer you to be 110. Try and maintain or lose before the school year, okay?" Amanda nodded and looked at herself in the mirror. Her belly was bulging and she had just gotten a little softer everywhere. Perhaps the pills just needed more time to work. With her measurements at this point, she wouldn't need a bigger uniform. It was Chloe's turn, and she stepped on the scale confidently. 130. Coach Roberts scouled. "Chloe...what happened?" Chloe shrugged, "I spent the summer in Italy with my aunt. Pasta and wine happened!" she laughed. Coach Roberts was polite, but not amused. "Chloe, I expect you to take this seriously. Because this is a competetitive squad, aesthetics are a factor. It'd be one thing if you still maintained abdominal muscles, but you didn't. And chances are you'll need a bigger uniform. I will let you cheer, but know that I will be keeping an eye on you." Chloe nodded, aware that she'd probably get cut eventually.
Once Chloe got her measurements and lecture about her immense weight gain, the two girls hopped in Chloe's car and headed to a local Chinese restaurant. Amanda couldn't get out of the car fast enough. Chloe laughed at her eager friend. The girls quickly got a booth and ordered sodas, then made their way to the buffet.

"I bet I can eat more than you," Chloe challenged.
"You're on!" Amanda laughed, fueled by her growling stomach. The girls piled several plates high with different fried chicken and beef dishes. Once they sat down, Amanda stopped, "What am I doing?" She looked at her bulging tummy, "I've already eaten like three days worth of calories today. I just got lectured for my weight gain. And my elastic shorts are uncomfortably tight. I shouldn't be doing this."

Chloe chuckled, mouth full of fried rice, "Honey, do you realize that you are eating because you finally feel free? Screw cheerleading! You can still do the moves, you'll just jiggle a bit more. Do you like the eating?"
Amanda shrugged, "Well, of course. It's all I can think about now. I just want to eat constantly. It's all so delicious." She picked up her fork and speared chicken hesitantly.
Chloe smiled, "Then enjoy it! Plus, I'm right here gaining weight, making you look like a stick."
Amanda laughed, "That's the thing! I'm gaining even though I've been taking those diet pills."
Chloe shrugged, "Don't sweat it, they'll kick in. Now eat, woman! Or I'm gonna out-eat you."
Amanda's thoughts could no longer restrain her and she began to shovel the food into her mouth, forgetting all about cheerleading. They each ate several very large plates full, Chloe rubbing her belly and Amanda quickly becoming uncomfortable. She tugged at her tanktop to cover her bulging belly, but it peeked out at the bottom just enough. She cupped her tummy with her arms.
"I'm so fatttt..." She cried, poking it, going deeper than she'd ever seen it go. She gasped.
"Amanda calm down. You look hot. We'll go back to my house, take a nap and sleep it off a bit." Chloe's tank didn't even cover her belly that morning, and now it hid nothing. They stood up and slowly waddled to the car, their bellies sloshing. Amanda, nearly comatose by fat overload, collapsed immediately on Chloe's couch. Chloe watched a little TV, stroking her belly. Chloe's mom came in the door, "Hello girls!" She shouted.
"Shh, Amanda's in a food coma." Chloe laughed and pointed at her bloated friend.
"Damn, Chloe, you two are just porking up fast!" She said playfully, "What do Amanda's parents think?"
"Its all been so quick and it's not too noticeable when she's not bloated, so I'm not sure they know."
"They probably would like to see her fatten up! She's been too thin forever, just like you."
Chloe nodded, "Stupid cheerleading."
A few hours later, Amanda awoke to her cell phone vibrating. It was her mom asking her to come home for dinner. That made her realize she was incredibly hungry. She stood up groggily and looked over at a snoozing Chloe on the chair. Hesitantly, she headed for the bathroom. Her bloat had gone down, but the weight gain was evident. Everywhere. Her boobs, her legs, her butt, her lovehandles. Her shorts were tight and her tanktop just barely met the top of them. She stepped on the scale. 117. She'd never seen the number so high in her life. She could no longer be a flier on the squad. She went home quickly and hurried up the stairs to put on a T-Shirt to hide her gain from her parents. She picked up her skinny jeans from the day before, the ones that were just snug, and pulled them on. After hoisting and jumping and wiggling, she got them over her butt. Buttoning was the real challenge.She laid on her floor and sucked in, but even then it shoved her fingers off the button. She finally succeeded and stood up stiffly. They were uncomfortably snug, and they squeezed her newly added fat quite tightly. Her baggy T-shirt hid it well, though, and she made her way downstairs for dinner. She joined her family at the table, immediately mesmerized by the food. She barely spoke to her family between bites.
"Amanda, we just love to see you eat. We've been thinking you are far too skinny and that cheerleading is too much pressure." Said her mom, who pushed the potatoes toward her daughter.
"Uh...yeah, I am just not too worried about being the flyer this year. And I like food." It was all she could manage to say.
"Well, eat up, then!" said her mom, refilling all the portions on her daughter's plate for the third time. Amanda ate them greedily.
"Is there dessert?" she asked, scraping her plate clean.
"Why yes! I made cake! It's in the refridgerator. Amanda, would you mind serving us?"
She stood up eagerly and noticed her full tummy pressing against her shirt. She tried to suck it in but it was no use. And she knew if she was going to eat cake, she'd have to unbutton her pants. She pressed her hand on her belly to keep it from jiggling too much as she got the cake from the fridge. "Who all wants some?"
"Your mother and I would love a piece!" Her dad said happily. She got them both normal slices of cake but couldn't help but make hers quite large. Her parents just smiled as she sat down and destroyed the piece, aching for more.
"May I have another piece mom?" She asked.
"Amanda honey, of course, but are you sure? Aren't you full?"
She served herself up another large piece, "Well yeah but it's just so delicious, mom!" 
"Alright! Just don't make yourself sick!" Amanda scarfed down the piece and convinced herself it was time to stop. 
"Well, I should probably go to bed since I have cheer in the morning." She said, feeling like any move she made would tear her jeans.
"Sounds good! Honey, are those jeans too tight? I can take you shopping!"
Amanda froze, "Uhh, no it's okay, I can buy my own. Thanks though!"

Amanda made her way into her room and undid her pants as soon as possible. She snapped a picture and as she was about to send it to Chloe, she looked at it. Then she looked in the mirror. She played with her tummy a bit. Jiggled the new soft flesh. She wasn't fat yet, but her flat stomach had become rounded out, and she had fat in places she'd never had before. She sent the picture  to Chloe then decided to see what of her clothes still fit. The first pair of shorts she pulled out wouldn't close over her bloated belly so she decided to stop until the bloat had gone down. Chloe responded, "Girl, you look great! You should gain too!"
Gain. She never thought she'd even be considering this for a second. But then again, getting to eat with no reservations is so freeing. She looked at her closet full of stylish clothes. She knew most of them would already be too tight even when she wasn't bloated. It would be an excuse to get new ones? She pulled on a pair of sweatpants and got in bed, rubbing her distended belly until she fell asleep.

The next morning, Amanda awoke a bit early. She decided she would go through all her clothes and see what still fit and what didn't before she ate anything. First, she pulled out her cheerleading uniform. The top went on, but dug into the the new flesh on her once perfectly flat tummy. The bottoms took a while to zip, but she got them on. She looked in the mirror and sighed. She'd have to get a bigger uniform to even look good, as this one gave her a muffintop, something she'd never experienced. She pulled it off quickly and set it aside. She pulled out her favorite clubbing dress. When she sucked in, it zipped, and she examined herself in the mirror. It looked shorter than usual as her little potbelly stuck out. She took it off quickly. Every pair of jeans and shorts she tried on were too tight to wear in public; one pair of shorts wouldn't even go up past her butt. She wasn't a size 1 anymore and she had to face it. She slipped into her elastic shorts, which dug in even tighter today, and her cheer tank and made her way downstairs, belly bouncing. As if on cue, she heard a knock at her door. In bounded Chloe, her belly poking out even more than the previous day. She was definitely almost to chubby already.
"Chloe, NONE of my clothes fit. At all."
Chloe laughed, "Seriously? Well, you were also teensy tiny. We'll go shopping after cheer. For now, you hungry?"
"You don't get it! There's no way I can be a flyer now."
"No, you aren't, and get over it! Now, I figure we don't eat before practice, so after, we gorge!"
Amanda's belly gurgled. She wanted to eat now, but she knew she'd be better served not to. 

The girls arrived at cheer camp and were immediately approached by the coach.
"Amanda, may I speak to you privately?" She took Amanda back into her office and closed the door. There was one other girl, Elizabeth, who had also put on weight. Her eyes were red and puffy.
"Honey, I hate to have to do this, but will you please strip down and step on the scale?"  Amanda did so nervously, knowing what was to come. She stepped on the scale. As her coach adjusted it, she nervously grazed her bulging love handles.
"Amanda, you're at 119. I am so sorry, but you can no longer fly for the squad. Elizabeth, can you step up?"
Elizabeth stripped down and Amanda noticed she had gained quite a bit of weight. "Elizabeth, you're at 121. You can also no longer fly. Both you girls are very talented, but until your eating habits are under control, you cannot be flyers. And you must prove yourselves as able to still move well and keep up." Amanda nodded and Elizabeth vowed she'd lose the weight. The girls left the office. "Ugh, I wish I was still 119..." Elizabeth said as they passed the mirrors, cupping her tummy. Amanda shrugged, "I was 113 yesterday, so I'm sure I'll pass you up soon." Elizabeth chuckled, "I haven't gained since yesterday or anything, but this summer I worked at Steak N Shake and ate the food every day. I just had to go buy all new clothes." Amanda laughed, "Yup, Chloe and I are shopping today!"
The girls went through all of practice, Amanda incredibly self conscious as parts of her moved that had never been mobile. And man, was she hungry. As soon as it was over Chloe ran over to Amanda, her belly bouncing. "Haha, I'm so surprised she didn't pull me out. What did she say?" 
Amanda replied, "Uh...I can't be a flyer anymore. I'm 119."
"Damn girl! You expected that though, right? You look so much better with a little more meat on you,anyway. Come on, let's go get food then go shopping!"

The girls got in Chloe's car and Amanda sat down, staring at her belly. She rested her hand on it. It did look kind of cute. And she could see her boobs were growing as well.
"You like it yet?"
"I...I don't know. I love eating. Gosh I love eating. More than I ever knew. It's all I can think about now. But...I'm scared of getting cut from the squad. And also, I don't want to get too fat."
Chloe started driving, "Well, I'll get cut before you, and you're far away from chubby, much less fat. Just enjoy it now!"
Chloe pulled into Steak N Shake. They each ordered Double Bacon Cheddar steakburgers with large chili cheese fries and large cookie dough shakes. When the food arrived, Amanda was blinded by hunger. All she could think of was the food in front of her, which she demolished quickly. Before they knew it, the girls were sitting with distended bellies, clear plates, and sipping on their milkshakes.
"Oh my gosh...I think I just went to heaven..." Chloe said, adjusting her shorts to go under her belly and attempting to pull her tank down.
Amanda smiled, "These shakes are amazing! I have no more room left in my tummy but I keep drinking it."
Chloe finished the last of hers, "Beat you!" and Amanda quickly finished hers. The girls paid and hobbled out of the restaurant.
"Ugh, can shopping wait til the food has settled? I just wanna take a nap." Amanda said, collapsing into the car.
Chloe nodded, "Yeah, we can go back to my house. I want to see if any of my clothes will fit me OR you anyway."
Amanda couldn't believe she was nearing Chloe's size. She'd always been the skinny friend. But all she could think of right now was how her round tummy turned her on. And that scared her. But not long enough to care.

Later on, after the food had settled, the girls went upstairs to try on Chloe's clothes. Not a single pair of jeans or shorts had hope of fitting Chloe. Almost none of her clothes did, except her shirts, which were tight. Amanda was able to fasten a pair of size 3 jeans fairly easily. They were not even remotely loose, though, and this meant they would not fit soon. She tried on the other size 3's Chloe had, and took a few of the fours. Chloe was definitely moving to a size six. Amanda stripped of all her clothes and just stared at herself in the mirror.

"I have never been this big in my life. I'm probably over 120 now. And like...none of it is muscle. I"m so...jiggly." She bounced up and down and watched her body move in delay. Chloe did the same. "Girl, I'm over 130. And I love it. Honestly...I'm probably just gonna live in elastic clothes til I feel like I'm happy with my weight. And you can have those bigger clothes!"
"I wonder what my parents are going to think." Amanda said, fastening a pair of size three jeans and seeing that they still slightly pinched her love handles.
"It' doesn't matter. It's your body. But, go to dinner tonight in tight clothes and find out!" Amanda tossed on a tighter shirt of  Chloe's and examined her figure in the mirror. She was just short and had a bit of a belly. Not normal for her, but totally acceptable.

Amanda went home anxiously. Her gain was obvious in these clothes so she knew her parents would bring it up. She entered the front door cautiously, and called out into the house. No one was home, thankfully. She remembered immediately the cake they had for dinner. Bursting into the fridge, she quickly pulled it out and cute herself a very large piece. She knew her parents could come home at any time so she devoured it incredibly quickly. Then, she realized she was going to try to explain to her parents that she enjoyed eating now. So she sat on the kitchen counter with a package of Oreos, letting her tummy push past the waist band of her jeans. 

"Amanda! We're home!"
"I'm in the kitchen!" Amanda yelled, mouth full of her 10th oreo.

Amanda's mom came in carrying several boxes of carryout Chinese. "I decided to get your favorite since you've been eating so well lately." Distract, she had yet to look at her daughter. She turned around and was slightly shocked, "Oh! Wow, sweetheart, I don't think I've ever seen you...enjoying food so much. Uh...." She stuttered. She didn't want to point out her daughter's weight gain to obviously. "Are those new jeans?"

Amanda smiled, "Yeah, they're Chloe's. My other ones were too small. I wear a size three now."
Amanda's mom smiled nervously, "Well, wonderful. That's more healthy anyway. Here, dad has to work tonight so you can have his portion too." She handed Amanda two large containers of delicious fried orange chicken.
"Thanks mom!" Amanda said, tearing in shamelessly. The two women sat on the couch enjoying the Chinese food. Amanda had finished both containers before her mom had finished one. Amanda wanted nothing more than to unbutton her jeans and indulge in more food but she wasn't sure her mom was ready for that. Her belly pushed up the bottom of the shirt no matter how much she tried to pull it down. So she excused herself to the restroom.
As she got up, she felt her belly bounce and couldn't get food out of her mind. She went to the bathroom and as she was pulling up her pants, she started to button them and they wouldn't. They absolutely refused to button now that they were free. Her belly looked even bigger than it had. She shrugged, went to the fridge to get another piece of cake, and sat down with her mom once more.
"Um...Amanda..." her mom said, nervously, "Are you alright? Nothing wrong with eating plenty, that is fine, and you look beautiful with the new weight. But is there a reason?"
Amanda swallowed her cake. "I just really, really like food now. I can't explain it. Chloe is gaining weight too. I think our bodies are just changing. Another girl on the cheer squad got even bigger."
"Oh honey, that's totally fine. I just want you to love your body."
Amanda scraped the last piece of cake from her plate. "Oh, I do."

Later that night, Chloe came over after Amanda's mom went to sleep. "So, what'd she say?!"
"Haha, she just wants me to love my body is all. And honestly...I hate to say it...but I really do. I love touching my belly. I want to get as big as you, Chloe."
"Oh, you can! I have an idea. Do you have any peanut butter?"
"Yeah, I think so."
"I'll be right back."
Chloe ran downstairs and came back about fifteen minutes later with a large cup full of a creamy liquid.
"Literally the best thing you'll ever taste, and it's got 10,000 calories."
"TEN THOUSAND?" Amanda cried, slightly hesitant, looking at her protruding tummy full of Chinese food and cake.
"Yeah, I know you're full so you can drink it slowly. Get it down before you go to bed, you'll be fatter by morning."
"How much do you weigh now? I'm at least 124 by now." Amanda asked, slowly sipping the delicious shake.
Chloe shrugged, "I think about 132. I can slow down my gain so you can catch up, if you want. I love my belly right now."
"Whatever works. Holy shit this shake is good."
Chloe poked Amanda's tummy, "You're seriously getting soft. Even though you're full, I can still pinch some belly. Coach is gonna flip shit at camp."
Amanda laughed, "I'm sick of cheer I just wanna quit."
"Get fat enough and you'll get cut."
Amanda sipped out the bottom of her shake and massaged her belly that was larger than ever.
"Chloe, I need to go to bed. I feel like I will puke if I don't."
Chloe pinched her own belly. "Damn, I just love this."

The girls fell asleep soundly, rubbing their prospective bellies.

As the alarm went off, Chloe got up promptly while Amanda hit snooze. She made her way into the bathroom, stripped down, and weighed herself. 133. Beautiful. She pulled on her cheer clothes and examined the new fat forming on her face and arms.


Hi! My name is Jenny Lee. I'm just an author of weight gain stories who would love to take your requests and appease your desires for reading. So comment with any requests! I prefer writing about women because I am one and understand how we work, but I will do men if you really want me too. No INSANE weight gain, I'm realistic. Which is way sexier.